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Corona Warriors

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Covid-19 pandemic has taken away the regular income of many people and driven them homeless and poor. We at Adileela have taken up the task to act as corona warriors and wage a war against it in our own way by helping the migrant laborers and the poor, who are dependent only on daily wages. We are providing them food Packets & provisions as per their need across the country. While we are actively taking all the necessary steps to elevate our efforts further in helping the needy, we believe that there are many more such needy people in the country who need our help.



Adileela Kits Distribution

To combat hunger crisis of the daily laborers and the underprivileged, due to the pandemic and especially due to lockdown, Adileela had delivered 1000 Adileela Kits (consisting of rice, dal, oil, semolina, sugar, wheat flour, salt, etc.)


Covid Protection Hygiene Kits

In pandemic, the underprivileged and needy could not afford to purchase masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc. We at Adileela realized the need for this and prepared hygiene kits containing essential items and distributed them to about 2050 community workers.


Emergency Nutrition Kits

To address the food crisis during pandemic, Adileela had distributed approx. 1640 Emergency Nutrition Kits to the marginally weaker sections of the society, who had to go out and earn their living in spite of the pandemic.


Support Local Hospitals

Adileela sponsored various medical needs and arranged volunteers/interns for local hospitals at all our chapters and also village health centers to ease their services to the needy people during the pandemic.


Mask Distribution Drive

Mask distribution drive is a key initiative in the current pandemic with an aim to distribute masks to the underprivileged people of the local communities. Adileela distributed about 1250 masks to the underprivileged.

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Livelihood Opportunities

Adileela has provided livelihood opportunities to many socio-economically backward families and individuals, who wanted to earn a healthy and happy life for their family but didn't have any means of support.

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