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Education Development

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Multiple initiatives are driven under this focus area. Campaigns such as infrastructure development in govt. schools, quiz competitions, debates, essay writing competitions, sports meet, distribution of bags/books/school kits to children, scholarship programs for children who cannot afford education, vocational training programs for young men and women, etc. are conducted from time to time.



School Kits Distribution

At Adileela, we distribute school kits to the students of Govt schools at Vijayawada. These kits contain books, school bags, stationery items, etc.


Sponsor Education

Adileela organizes various educational and scholarship programs for the deserving students, who cannot afford education but wish to study and achieve their goals in life.


Extra Curricular Activities

Competitions like essay writing, quiz, debates and sports meet are conducted every year to exhibit the hidden talents in children as well as instill confidence and leadership skills.

Male Student

Vocational Training

To address the issue of unemployment, Adileela organizes vocational training programs for young men and women where they get a chance to learn new skills.


Infrastructure Development

We work with govt schools at Vijayawada to develop their school infrastructure so that students are given a healthy environment to study and quality learning.

Korean School Classroom

Nadu Nedu

Nadu Nedu is one of the major multiple reforms in school education announced by the Jagan govt. and an initiative to revamp the infrastructure in Govt. schools.

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