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Music, Dance and Drama Elevation

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The foundation supports and encourages the young, dynamic and talented artists across the nation by conducting music, dance, and drama/theater festivals and providing them a platform to perform and cherish. These three are of core importance in the context of India's cultural heritage and tradition. India’s diversity in its music, dance, and theater makes it stand out at the international level of entertainment.


Music Festival

Adileela Foundation organizes  music festivals periodically, to exhibit the rich Indian cultural heritage and talented young men and women in this field, by providing them a platform to perform.


Dance Festival

Adileela organizes dance festivals on every religious festival and special occasions, which helps bring out hidden talents in young adults and motivates them to take this art form professionally in the near future.


Theatre Festival

Adileela Foundation organizes theatre performances to showcase or enact any special events like religious or mythological incidents, through which the acting talent of individuals is exhibited and familiarized nation or worldwide.


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